Data-Driven Decisions

By earlier detection of roads distresses, making objective, data-driven, and GIS-based decisions, local governments can save up to 5x of maintenance costs

Most Important Features



Up to 5x Maintenance costs reduction

Earlier detection of roads distresses, will save municipalities and local governments up to 10x of maintenance costs



3x Increase of quality of maintenance decisions

Resulted maintenance priorities of roads segments has higher return on maintenance investment by up to 3x



Mobile based Operation & Management System

Mobile based Operation & Management system that tracks citezens complaints, projects, maintenance, and budget


Our Services

What you will get

Roads PCI Evaluation

(Pavement Conditioning Index)

GIS based maps of roads conditions by collecting and analyzing roads defects using the AASHTO PCI code

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Roads Maintenance Priority Lists

A full GIS based lists of roads segments to be maintained prioritized by several customized criteria

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Roads Management System

(Mobile Based Application)

tracking citizens complaints, maintenance projects and operations, and roads re-evaluation

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Roads XY Defects

GIS based map of all roads defects in your city with all related data (defects types, severity, and dimensions)

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Roads Conditions Prediction

futuristic insights about roads conditions, how and where defects will occure in the future

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Financial Management

how much does it cost if you perform maintenance operations, and how much it does if you don't

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Awesome Journey

Solution Journey

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- Phase 1

Images & Data Collection

Step 1: Preparing the map of city roads: Preparing GIS based map of city roads segments, attributes preparation, and roads numbering

Step 2: Roads' imaging & data collection: the local government should drive all along of its roads (and use our mobile application) to take images of its roads

The mobile app will take images every 2 seconds


- Phase 2

Images Analysis & roads Evaluation

Step 3: Images Analysis: All images will be analysed, and defects will be gathered

Step 4: A GIS based map will be created showing all defects as points on the map with precise locations

Step 5: PCI evaluation will be calculated for every road segment, and a GIS map will be generated

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A Palestinian startup based in Gaza. We are a group of infrastructure and civil engineers that works in the field of roads maintenance for a decade, and we want to transfer our knowledge to the world

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